A musical journey of discovery

August 9, 2016

I am so excited to release my short film 'Back to the roots - A musical journey of discovery with Tom Mwanza' in line with the release of the Tom Mwanza Productionz new website.  


I invite you to watch my film at my new website of www.tommwanzaproductionz.com for FREE, in it's digital premiere in mid-late August, 2016 as a special preview for a limited time only. 


I had so much fun making this film, visiting my homeland of Zambia and getting back to my musical roots.  


Directors statement


I was compelled to make this film to educate people about the richness of Zambian rhythm.  I wanted to show how many rhythms stem from African roots and transpond to many styles we hear today. 


This film was the setting in motion of my journey to find a balance between Western music (Australia) and African (Zambian) music. It wanted to rediscover my musical roots. Having grown up with different rhythms in Africa, as compared to now living in Australia, with a different culture and musical styles, a trip back to Zambia, Africa was needed.  I wanted to re establish the stance of my music.    I wanted to be true to my heritage whilst embracing modern music. 


Between traditional and modern music in Africa lies the roots of rhythm.  It starts with simple rhythms like Kalindula to Calypso, Salsa to Blues.  This is how it develops.


Tom Mwanza


Film synopsis


A musical journey as seen through the eyes of Tom Mwanza, set in Australia and Zambia, Africa.  The journey of rediscovering Tom’s African roots in music is a delightful and insightful musical adventure that oozes with raw talent.  Tom’s journey to his homeland draws him and his viewers back to the African musical roots. Partnered with cultural insights into Zambia, rich musical examples the documentary, African Roots Musical Journey of Discovery with Tom Mwanza with strong appeal the 25+ demographics for music lovers alike, potential or actual, will be mesmerized by the film’s depth of discovery and musical flavors with a real connection between Africa and Australia. Featuring traditional Zambian dancers, an authentic village church choir, modern Zambian music stars including: Kasonde Sunkutu, Racheal N, Michael, Martha, Godfrey and Justina Mwanza.




See my next post for details about the cast of this film and memorable moments when I was making the film.  







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