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Tom Mwanza Productionz can help you solve your audio, music and video production needs.   We offer:
  • composing music for film and television
  • audio recording, production, editing, mixing, digital mastering
  • film production music and sound.  
  • for commercial work and individual projects.
Music for film and television
Do you need the perfect music for you film?  Our music will be specially composed for you!   Tom Mwanza Productionz will be the complete one stop solution.
Hustle Hard - T-Larmon
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About Tom Mwanza 

Tom Mwanza, also known as T-Larmon,  is a music composer, producer and performer. With a rich musical heritage, he has worked across Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Australia specializing on keyboards, music arrangement, and singing within the African Music Industry.   He has worked with various musicians and bands on tour and in the studio.  
His debut album 'Full Speed' T-Larmon shows how time, love and rhythm, melody on notes, is fused into Afro Hip-Hop in T-Larmon style.
Tom also plays hand drums, bass, guitar and vocals.  Based in Northern NSW, Australia.
His style stems from a wide influence of different styles including African traditional music, the roots of Hip Hop, R’N’B, Soul, Gospel and Afro Jazz.  His unique keyboard styles can be heard on various artists’ albums including It Is What It Is by Gold Coast blues band Bluescorp and the new  debut Full Speed .  He has produced music for Chief-Michael Mweemba, BOP, The Cherubz and toured with leading Zambian Gospel artist Racheal in Zambia. A finalist in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in the North Coast Entertainment Industry Awards Dolphin Music Songwriting Awards. 
With years of experience as an audio engineer, a Diploma in Screen and Media, and a phenomenal gifting on keys, Tom can assist you in your audio, video and music for film needs.  He specialises in producing, recording, mixing, digital mastering, commercial work and music for film. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of music with Southern Cross University.
Tom has a love of music and passion that needs to be heard!
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